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for Fifth Ward alderman

These three broad areas of focus guide us:

Inspiring civic action

Re-energizing citizens and fostering community engagement

Liveable local economics

Putting all the assets of our ward to work for all of our residents

Strengthening local stewardship

Protecting what is special about our home

We are all connected to each other by what matters to us ...

Regardless of whether you live in a high-rise on East End in Hyde Park or a six-flat on Maryland in Woodlawn or a single-family home on the lakefront in South Shore, our needs are all the same, and so are the things we want from our community. We want the people we love to feel safe here. We want to be able to prosper. We want to connect with the people around us. The basic necessities are also required for all of these things to happen, so we all share these needs as well. None of us is any different from any of our neighbors in this respect.

... and also by the challenges we face

The challenges our community faces are also interrelated. When we are unable to improve the quality of schools in our neighborhoods, opportunity declines and the odds of children being able to hold onto a home or live in the same way their parents did also decline. So education issues become economic issues. When desperate neighbors are unable to maintain their property, or circumstances lead to a house being abandoned, we all suffer the consequences. If that that property becomes vacant and open, it becomes a public safety issue, and just like that, an economic issue becomes a public safety issue. Just as we have common wants and needs, so too are the things that our neighbors need for a peaceful and prosperous life also the things that we are fighting for.

It will take our to make the change we need


Development must bring local employment. Local entrepreneurs must have access to resources.


We have to protect those aspects of our communities which make us unique.

Culture and the business of art

Our communities must support the arts and our neighbors who create the work we love.

Community Safety

We should all feel safe


Our prosperity must include all


Our schools must serve the whole community. Our children must be broadly educated.

Civic participation

We must all be welcome at the decision-making table


Curing our housing crisis

Investing in teens

Our teenaged youth need more than school. They need jobs and respect and room to grow.

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Gabriel Piemonte for alderman of the Fifth Ward: Our ward covers much of the South Lakefront on the South Side of Chicago. This website is for Fifth Ward voters who are interested in the race, people concerned about fairness and justice on the South Side, and people everywhere who are concerned about the redevelopment of Jackson Park, the Obama Center, and the Tiger Woods Golf Course. This site is for Hyde Park Academy alumni and current students and teachers who want someone in office who cares about their school. This site is for people who love public art and would like to see more of it in our communities. This city council seat covers parts of Hyde Park, Grand Crossing, South Shore, and Woodlawn. If you love the South Lakefront, you belong here.