Gabriel with his wife, Mary (left), and their daughter, Jamie.
Gabriel Piemonte is a journalist and co-founder of Woodlawn Voices and Visions, a videography and critical thinking development program for CPS high school students on the South Side. He has co-developed community gardens in Woodlawn, a temporary arts center in Hyde Park, and a gardeners’ collective in South Shore, for group sales of vegetables and other products at the now-closed Rainbow Beach Farmers Market. In early 2017, he founded South Side United, an effort to organize against the development corporation that was launched as part of the Obama Center development in Jackson Park. Later that same year, he became co-founder of the Coalition to Save Jackson Park, which has worked to secure information about development in Jackson Park from a number of city agencies through the Freedom of Information Act and has sued the Park District for failure to comply with that request. Gabriel was a member of the group that organized for and founded the South Side Community Federal Credit Union, a financial cooperative with a charter to serve low-income residents of the South Side along with the rest of the community. He co-founded and co-directed a successful effort to prevent the Chicago Archdiocese from tearing down an historic church in Woodlawn and subsequently co-founded an organization that raises funds for its restoration. He was the editor of the Hyde Park Herald for eight years. Gabriel has led community forums, workshops, and meetings across the South Side. His other previous volunteer work includes membership in the organizing committee of the Midwest Social Forum and co-founding of the Midwest Media Group, a peer-led effort in the early 2000s to apply for Non-Commercial, Educational radio station licenses. He is a board member of the Northern Illinois Historic League and president of the board at St. Martin de Porres House of Hope, a women’s shelter and recovery home in Woodlawn.


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