Above all, serving


Our personal prosperity is meaningless if we do not use it to give back to the community.

I was raised in a tradition of public service that guides my actions to this day. While I work hard for my clients and add value to their endeavors through my skills, I am always thinking about the contributions they make to the world around us and how my own support of their enterprise is a building up of the community of service and abundance for the common wealth. In my own time, I give what time I can to good causes, especially those directly impacting the South Side of Chicago, where I have lived for 20 years. I measure my success less in the amount of wealth my work generates than in the impact it has on the South Side and the city as a whole.

More recently, my civic work has brought me closer to my roots as a kid raised in the neighborhoods of Boston. My work in the Italian American Heritage Society of Chicago hearkens back to many fond memories of the North End, where my grandparents started their family and where I spent my weekends when I was young.

Tell me about your civic work-what inspires you?


Italian American Heritage Society of Chicago

Founder and president of a society dedicated to promoting Italian heritage and progressive values. Received national press for its support of the removal of Christopher Columbus statues. More at italianheritagechicago.org.

Woodlawn Voices and Visions

Co founder, co designer of curriculum, and manager of a summer and after-school videography and critical thinking program for public high school students on the South Side of Chicago. The DuSable Museum of African American History and the Chicago Crusader conferred the Heroes in the Hood award to the program.

Save the Shrine

Co-founder of an organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of St. Clara’s Church, designed by Henry Schlacks and threatened for demolition by the Chicago Archdiocese. Save pressured the Archdiocese to transfer title of thebuilding to an indepedent religious order and raised $1 million to restore and secure the fire-ravaged landmark. More at savetheshrine.org.

South Side Community Federal Credit Union

Part of the roughly 12-member organizing team for the credit union, which opened on the South Side of Chicago in 2003 and provides $2 million in loans per year to fixed income and working members of South Side communities. More information at http://www.southsidecommunityfcu.org/.

Board positions

Board member for the South Side service organization Do Nation. Former treasurer for Save the Shrine, NFP. Former board president of the Southside Center of Hope.

Former candidate, Fifth Ward alderman

Ran unsuccessfully in the 2019 elections for a seat in Chicago City Council representing South Side communities. Endorsed by the Chicago Tribune, Sun-Times, Hyde Park Herald, and Chicago Maroon.

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Gabriel Piemonte