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Something I'm not supposed to say: I think some of my favorite comms work has been for candidates who didn't win their races.

I have worked for some fantastic clients, and I have learned from and appreciated all of them. Among the candidates I have been hired by, a few stand out, and many of them may not have succeeded in a particular contest, but they still seem like very successful people in the most important measures. Daniel Epstein is a man who truly lives the philosophy of pragmatic idealism, the sort of person you read about in novels. Syamala Krishnamsetty has a capacity for seeing all of the implications of complex policy that is dazzling and delightful. And Jimmy Garfield will forever hold a special place in my heart as the first candidate to say Mike Madigan needed to step down as Speaker of the House of Representatives in Illinois and to pledge to oppose his candidacy. 

Politics in a state like Illinois are absolutely dominated by money, which makes the work that is done outside the limits of the halls of power even more important. The work of people like the dynamic founders of the Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition, Dr. Dilara Sayeed and Reema Kamran, in organizing regular people so their voices will be heard is fundamental to the health of our democracy, and it is a great honor to have advised and served them.

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Campaign to Elect Daniel Epstein

August – December, 2019 
General campaign comms duties; highlights included developing a network of community media outlets that were successfully activated for coverage of the countywide race.

Illinois Muslim Civic Coalition

September – December, 2020
Co designed, implemented, and managed communications infrastructure for the fast-growing civic group, including social media, print, and direct email communication.

Jimmy Garfield for State Representative

October, 2019 – March, 2020
General campaign comms duties; co constructed and executed phone- and text-bank strategy, developed social media infrastructure.

Coalition to Save the Shrine

Communications campaign
December, 2015 – February, 2016
Headed up communications strategy for the first phase of this effort to preserve an early 20th century landmark church from demolition. Achieved national press coverage and raised $650,000 in seven weeks.

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