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When what's in your head and what's on the paper don't match ...

… that’s perfectly normal, and it is not a sign that you can’t write. I spend a great deal of my time persuading clients that they are much more capable as writers than they think they are. We have an idea that there are “natural” writers who express themselves beautifullyand then there are the rest of us. There are very few people who can produce flawless writing without support, and many of your favorite novels and short stories are as much the result of a good relationship between a writer and an editor (very often their unpaid spouse!) as the genius coming from the author’s beautiful mind.

We can ALL write! It is a cornerstone of civilization, and if people have made you feel as though you are not writing well in the past, don’t let that stop you. What do they know? Let’s unlock your writing skills together. Whether you need a business letter, creative writing, or a dissertation, we can make sure that you get it done without developing an ulcer in the process. The biggest barrier for so many people to writing well is getting over the idea that you can’t. You may even learn that you like to write! 

Let's talk about your writing!

Gabriel Piemonte