This small contribution to the ongoing discussion about Reparations for the descendants of enslaved American citizens is meaningful to me because of the prestigious company I had the honor to appear with here.

As part of the efforts in Chicago to remove Christopher Columbus statues (itself part of a national movement), I wrote this advocacy piece and published it via Medium.

I published this essay in 2017 in response to a skyrocketing eviction rate in South Side neighborhoods and “solutions” to local economic crises that only seemed to strip more wealth from the community.

This essay argues for the importance of a nature sanctuary on the South Side of Chicago and against the political chicanery that endangers it.


This is my only attempt at published fiction thus far in my careera post-apocalyptic novella that was intended to be part of a series but which had the bad luck of featuring a main character too much like the lead in the Hunger Games

Gabriel Piemonte